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by RHainez » Fri Jul 17, 2020 6:52 am


I noticed that jamovi is slower to display boxplots and basic analyses (i.e. 1w-Anova) compared to jasp which is almost instantaneous. Same thing when updating the data, it takes time for jamovi to react ; sometimes, students event think it's crashed. It happens with different brands of computer using W10 or iOS.

And on an unrelated subject, did you have time to think about a kind of user profile or parameter settings option where we could set the default options? My idea is for example, that jamovi gives me the mean, sd, variances, distribution plot, QQ-plot and box-plots with jittered data for any dataset I use. Having to select these options again and again every time is a little cumbersome (I'm lazy, I know).

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by jonathon » Fri Jul 17, 2020 7:00 am

it depends,

there may be a delay the first time analyses are run, due to the underlying R packages being loaded. try running the analyses a second time, and see if it's quicker then. this might be the issue with the ANOVA.

box plots is slow in the descriptives when you have multiple 'split by' variables ... this is something i've been wanting to improve for a while, but it's been really difficult. there are certain operations the are *extremely* slow in R, and we're running afoul of them in the descriptives.

i agree the profile idea is a great idea, but we've just been spread a bit too thin to implement it. thanks for reminding me though.

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