Is it worth learning SPSS, or is Jamovi enough?

Discuss the jamovi platform, possible improvements, etc.

by tejas33 » Tue Nov 24, 2020 7:12 am

I'm an undergraduate student considering a career in neuroscience research. So far in all my homework research projects Jamovi is enough. Considering the complexity of SPSS, is it worth learning? In what situations can it specifically help?
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by superyms » Tue Nov 24, 2020 5:48 pm

In my opinion, this is worth it to go with jamovi instead of SPSS, here are my reasons:
1. jamovi is open source (you get a free piece of software and also the ability to improve it or build your own modules) while SPSS is proprietary (you do not get how it works, you can not build your own modules or use those of others), besides of the cost of the license for SPSS.
2. jamovi is build on R, a great platform and environment for statistics, so you can even use R directly within jamovi and get your results using specific tools needed (I believe that for your specialty neuroscience, it should be quite a lot of R packages there!)
3. jamovi has a community, that could assist and help, you, it's growing, so the best is going to be there!
4. you would find SPSS, more boring or primitive in comparison with jamovi (or even jasp).
5. maybe you would be the first one to develop a module for neuroscience for jamovi, so please to take this path!
6. I enjoy jamovi, this is really amazing, you will be a big fan too! Give it a try!

I hope this would be helpful for you and others in your case.
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by jonathon » Thu Nov 26, 2020 9:51 pm

hi tejas,

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