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by Rosenresli » Wed Apr 08, 2020 10:52 am

I have a data set with 59 observations and an ordinal variable "class" with three values (1, 3 and 4), that have 19, 18 and 22 observations each.
I also have 6 variables from a Likert scale (0-4), labeled E_U, E_I, E_H and L_U, L_I, L_H, and I want to find the respective Spearman correlations.

At first, I created a correlation table with all six variables across all observations (i.e., no filters). Then (because I only need three of these values) I created three correlation tables that show the Spearman correlation between only E_U and L_U, between E_I and L_I, and between E_H and L_H.

Next, I applied the Filter "class == 1", to search for the correlation coefficients among the subsample of size 19 where class = 1.
However, only the first two tables get updated. When ticking "N" in the correlation table's setup, the value in the table changes from N=59 to N=19, and the correlations change. The other two tables, however, stay unchanged, with N=59.

I cannot remember having set up the tables differently. What could be the reason for the filter being applied to only some of the tables? How can I change this setting and make the filter apply to all four correlation tables?

Thank you very much,
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by jonathon » Wed Apr 08, 2020 11:01 am

hi rosenresli,

could you first up check that you're using the most recent version (1.2.16), and see if the issue still occurs.

if it does, can you provide a .omv file which does this? (you can either attach it here, it might need to be zipped up first, or you can email it to contact <at>

with thanks

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