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by andrea7121 » Fri Oct 02, 2020 6:13 pm

Hi there,

I cannot figure out how to get post-hoc tests within the anovaRM() function in jmv for R when there is more than one factor and interactions are present. For example, if I have one between-subjects factor I give it a label on the "bs = " line. And my within-subjects factor gets a label on the "rm = " line. Then in the results their interaction is labeled automatically (e.g., Between:Within).

When I use "postHoc = " to ask for post-hoc tests, I can't seem to get tests for all the subgroups. I'm restricted to the marginal group means for each factor. I tried:

postHoc = list(list("Between","Within","Between:Within")) but including this last term produced an error (*note "Between" and "Within" are standing in here in my example for the actual labels I'd have given to these two factors).

Any suggestions?
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by jonathon » Mon Oct 05, 2020 5:09 am

hi andrea,

try running the analysis from within jamovi, put it in "syntax mode" (available from the kebab menu, top right), and take a look at the generated syntax.


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by andrea7121 » Wed Oct 07, 2020 5:57 pm

Thank you Jonathon! That gave me what I needed. For anyone else searching this topic, here's how I was able to set this up:

postHoc = list(
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