JAMOVI 1.6.21 crashing

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by enricocmendoza » Sat Mar 27, 2021 2:05 am

Hi Jonathon,

Good morning. I do not know what is wrong. Jamovi keeps on crashing. It cannot even perform null model analysis for multi level modeling. My data set is big with 60,000 respondents but before when i was using the earlier version of Jamovi, my data set even included 190,000 respondents and the software never crashed.

Now i thought that with a smaller data set and with the latest jamovi, things will be even faster.

i tried to clean my laptop with the usual avast, did a disc check, everything is fine with my laptop. then i tried to close all the applications while running just Jamovi, yet it still crashed.

hope you can help me. i am now near the end of my dissertation journey.

Thank you very much. God bless.
Enrico Mendoza
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by jonathon » Fri Apr 02, 2021 10:12 pm

hi enrico,

could you outline the steps that you follow, and what you mean by "crash" (i.e. error messages, etc.)

with thanks

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