Basic Requests - Mode display and grouped labelling

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by DrNene » Mon Dec 21, 2020 11:56 pm

Hi Team,

It would be great if jamovi could display all modes rather than just the smallest/lowest mode when a distribution is multimodal. Perhaps in a comma'ed line in the descriptives table.

On a related note to this .. when a histogram is created it would be great if there is a footnote or something that indicates when a grouped versus ungrouped histogram is being corrected.

Case in point for why I'm raising this - using the IQsim data file in the data library a beautiful normal curve is created when you ask for the histogram but yet the mode is way lower than the mean and median. Soon realise this is because it is based on a data set of N = 10,000 and clearly the histogram is grouped and hence the multi-modes are hidden within this.

Obviously more seasoned stats peeps soon figure out these two things but these (on the surface) seem like minor fixes that would aid transparency and clarity?

Thanks in advance for the consideration and love your work :)

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