Adjusted odds ratio

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Adjusted odds ratio

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I am trying to calculate adjusted odds ratios but have struggled to find a tutorial/video that demonstrates how to do this with Jamovi. Just wondering if anyone knows where I could find this information?

Basically what I am trying to do:
- I have a dataset of outcomes for patients with condition A and condition B
- I would like to know by how much does 1 kg increase in body weight change the risk of outcome X for people with condition A and condition B, and would like to calculate the crude odds ratio and adjusted (e.g. adjusting for age, height) odds ratio for people with conditions A and B.

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Re: Adjusted odds ratio

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to help you out, we should make some terms clear. How is your outcome variable? It is not clear if the outcome is a dichotomous variable (present vs absent), and condition is another variable in the dataset, or whether your outcome is condition A vs condition B. If you clarify this, we can surely help you better.
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