there are aliased coefficients in the model

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by jon890 » Wed Nov 14, 2018 2:59 pm

Hi,first of all English is not my first language and I do the statistic in French originally but I will try to explain my problem as Cleary as possible but if you have some questions or if not clear tell me. (caption of my problem)

As you can see on the picture, I have the following error : there are aliased coefficients in the model. I have trying to create dummy variable to represent de Variable " Traitement " with " IF(Traitement== "Acupuncture",1,0) where " acupuncture is normally a nominal variable.

But As I said I get the error " here are aliased coefficients in the model "

Thank you in advance for your help
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by jonathon » Wed Nov 14, 2018 10:21 pm


yeah, i'm never quite sure how to explain this. it's typically where you have many levels (or many cells in your design), and not a lot of observations. ... efficients

if you attach a .omv file i might be able to provide a better explanation.


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